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22 Nov , 2022  

MARSON Consulting Engineers have a proven track record of delivering the most critical, complex mechanical and electrical systems within the healthcare, cleanroom, commercial and public realm sectors. They are an industry-leading firm specialising in all aspects of MEP engineering, from technical advisory services and compliance to detailed engineering design.

Founded in 2019 by David MARtin and Stephen RobinSON, who between them have almost half a century of experience working in the construction industry. MARSON Consulting Engineers specialise in delivering sustainable, cost-effective mechanical and electrical building services designs.

Boasting vast experience consulting on critical projects throughout Ireland and the UK, David and Stephen’s combined expertise enables them to invariably exceed industry standards and customer expectations from design to delivery.

Healthcare M&E Services During COVID

When the pressure was on and MARSON Consulting Engineers were asked to stand up to be counted as an emergency services provider during the height of the public health crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, they passed the test with flying colours. Their invaluable MEP consulting engineering expertise allowed multiple essential healthcare projects to be executed to allow hospitals offer a safer environment for staff and patients alike.

“A lot of urgent hospital work came our way during Covid,” reflects Stephen. “For the HSE, we were involved in converting the Citywest Convention Centre into a hospital used as vaccination centre and also upgrading the ICUs at St James’s Hospital and Galway University Hospital. We had to move quickly on these emergency projects to do our bit for the National Effort.”

Masters in healthcare project planning and delivery, MARSON have extensive experience in the design and delivery of M&E projects across all areas of hospital engineering. These mechanical and electrical engineering services span across resilient campus infrastructure, all forms of operating theatres, intensive and high dependency facilities, aseptic facilities and ward refurbishments.

Critical systems must remain online for the duration of any healthcare project and the specialist healthcare consulting engineers at MARSON use innovative design techniques to ensure each project is safely delivered in line with the client’s specific requirements.

They use emerging and established international design principles and research, guarantee hospital projects meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency and are futureproofed for emerging technologies.

Regarding the genesis of MARSON and the rapid emergence of the firm as MEP consulting engineers of choice within the healthcare sector during the intervening three years, Stephen notes:

“Individually, David and I always wanted to have our own business and the time was right as there was a gap in the market for a practice specialising in healthcare, where we have extensive experience – although of course we provide our services in other areas as well.

“David is a chartered mechanical engineer and I’m a chartered electrical engineer. With a lot of hospital work taking place, we knew that between us we had the skillset to fill a gap in the market for a high-quality, small-to-medium MEP consulting engineering practice. Thankfully, we have never looked back. We’ve got a lot of support from our clients and have hit the ground running.”

Some other recent healthcare projects successfully delivered by MARSON Consulting Engineers include extensions to the new radiology department at the Beacon Hospital and Mercy Hospital in Cork, the latter comprising two hybrid theatres and two floors of new bed wards.

Project Management Expertise

Headquartered in Lucan, MARSON understand the importance of communication and relationships in delivering outstanding M&E consulting engineering services. Every project requires a good relationship between the client, the designer and the contractor. The team within MARSON know how to manage these critical relationships and processes.

Developing strong relationships enables MARSON to benefit from a steady volume of repeat business with established, long-term clients. “Essentially, 80% of work is based on repeat business, which demonstrates that we are giving our clients a good service,” says Stephen. “Repeat business is the ultimate benchmark of how good you are at your job.

“When people come back and use your service again, that’s reassuring. It reflects on the quality of the service you are giving, and you would hope that when the market contracts that you will still be able to rely on that repeat business in the future.”

Understanding deep collaboration with project architects, structural engineers, civil engineers and fire engineers, MARSON base their project designs on established and emerging design principles to ensure that they are fully futureproofed.

Furthermore, one of the company directors is involved in every aspect of project design, delivery and post-project evaluation, thus guaranteeing that clients are invariably provided with the highest level of experience, technical knowledge and cost control.

The Future for MARSON

Contemplating on the myriad strengths of the practice, Stephen comments: “We pride ourselves on our technical ability and our understanding of complex electrical and mechanical systems. We can take on very high-end, complex and often critical projects in a live environment. In a live environment, there can be no downtime. If you are redeveloping an ICU, for example, then you must keep all the services going while the upgrade works are taking place. We know how to make sure this happens.”

Although the current economic climate is volatile, going forward MARSON Consulting Engineers are cognisant of the value of being ready and able to adapt to the prevailing market conditions at any given time.

David looks ahead; “Taking into account market volatility, we as a firm understand our strengths and the benefits we offer our clients. We have a clear vision as to how we would like to see the business develop to its next logical stage. We plan to double the size of the firm over the next three years and extend our offering.

“Healthcare Engineering is a core element of our business. We plan to continue to grow our share of the healthcare market. We also plan to further develop our sustainability offering as the de-carbonisation of large facilities comes into focus for clients and government alike and continue to do a good reliable job for all our clients.”

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