Ambition drives MOTORWAYCARE to the top of the pile

22 Mar , 2023  

MOTORWAYCARE is a progressive, innovative and dynamic venture, born of years of experience in bringing state-of-the-art services to motorway networks, nationally and internationally. 

JJ Doherty, founder of HOLGATE , which since its inception had placed almost 2 million metres of safety, parapet and noise barrier product on the Irish motorway network alone, has brought together his vast knowledge and experience to MOTORWAYCARE, providing a three-sixty service for all essential motorway requirements and driving them to become now Ireland’s No. 1 provider. 

MOTORWAYCARE’s vision to leverage our knowledge and build on their experience to create a comprehensive and competitive business, also ensuring that this new venture goes not just one, but many steps further to provide both product, service, knowledge, and training to their partners, suppliers and contractors alike has been the driving force in achieving this ambitious and prestigious position in only 6 years. 

MOTORWAYCARE is an enhanced service which includes the provision of training and full technical assistance that enables contractors and motorway maintenance providers the opportunity to place all essential products on to the motorway network from their own resources. Recognising that we are now living in an era where we need to be “better, cheaper & faster”, MOTORWAYCARE is specifically tailored to provide all product and services in line with these requirements.

Unit 6 Tashinny Court,
Church View,
Co. Westmeath.

TEL : 044 937 9100
Email : [email protected]