Chadwicks Group launch External Wall insulation Training Academy at Robinhood Road Branch

5 Jul , 2024  

Chadwicks Group in partnership with Baumit, a leading provider of innovative building solutions, has announced the opening of the new External Wall insulation (EWI) Training Academy at Robinhood Road Branch. This state-of-the-art facility will facilitate a comprehensive EWI training course, tailored for skilled professionals in the construction industry.

Located at the Chadwicks branch on Robinhood Road, Dublin, the academy offers a dynamic two-day course specifically developed for tradespeople aiming to master the application of the NSAI-approved Baumit 60 External Wall Insulation Systems (Certificate 09/0336). For a €250 holding fee—refundable as credit on a Chadwicks account—participants will embark on a two-day immersive training, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Tradespeople can sign-up for a course at the Training Academy on Training Academy | Baumit Wall Insulation Ireland (

With the launch of the Training Academy, Chadwicks Group establishes itself as the sole provider of comprehensive external wall insulation training for construction industry professionals across Ireland. By offering this unique training, Chadwicks Group reinforces its commitment to the continued development of sustainability focused new build practices and upskilling for tradespeople in Ireland. 

Participants will learn about EWI system types, grasp concepts of performance and maintenance, and gain insights into build and design factors such as wind loading and condensation, as well as a number of other areas. The custom-built facility will also allow participants to gain hands on experience with Baumit products in real life scenario-based settings.

Once complete, course attendees will be able to:

  • Install the Baumit System from start to finish, following best practice to avoid the need for repairs
  • Identify different factors that impact on design (e.g. wind loading, condensation, etc)
  • Explain the System specifics (e.g. drying times, working conditions, etc)
  • Differentiate the responsibilities of the certificate holder and the contractor
  • Highlight the Health & Safety Considerations of EWI Installation, including System specific considerations
  • Learn different types of insulations and renders system

Commenting on the launch of the training centre, Patrick Atkinson, CEO of Chadwicks Group said, “We are delighted to launch the newly established Academy aimed at upskilling the construction work force with Baumits innovate form of external wall insulation application. This course represents the need for building practices in Ireland to continue to evolve and innovate in a more sustainable and future focused capacity.”