Digital SiteStations bring digital technology to the coalface of construction in the UK

27 Aug , 2021  

DCT Group, award winning, global virtual design, and construction consultants, collaborated with international firm Armorgard UK to create a bespoke SiteStation. The products versatility enabled DCT group to adapt the product to their specific site needs, featuring digital capabilities to deliver cutting-edge hardware and software to construction sites.

The bespoke SiteStation integrates hardware, software, and processes so that the collaborative space can be embedded conveniently on-site. This enables the power of BIM project delivery to be combined with solution-focused strategic planning. Armorgard UK’s SiteStation, with digital enhancements, has brought collaborative planning, digital coordination, and real-time information to the fingertips of project delivery teams across the UK and Ireland.

Many site workers have already seen several benefits from implementing the Armorgard SiteStation into their daily roles, including decreased time away from the worksite and increased output from project teams. The bespoke innovation of a digital SiteStation has meant that safety through collaboration is steadfast and has accelerated performance process.

Perry Fidler, Business Development Manager at Armorgard UK, comments on the innovation: “The way that DCT developed the Armorgard SiteStation through digital innovation has improved workflow and project delivery time, while also lowering costs, all within a collaborative and functional space. This has demonstrated the versatility of our products and the effectiveness of digital innovation. We look forward to developing new digital, innovative projects in the future thanks to the positive feedback we have received from DCT’s adaptation”.

“The digitally adapted Armorgard SiteStation is just one of the new innovative solutions that DCT Group is exploring further in 2021,” added Joseph Mady, CEO of DCT Group. “It is a significant technological advancement and the backbone of a project’s efficiency and field operations. Our geospatial department will be another significant innovation for our clients, in addition to demonstrating the power of embedding detailed virtual construction models into the physical environment and related digital technologies throughout the remainder of the year” adds Joseph Mady.

Armorgard UK has deployed many SiteStations on large residential developments across the UK & Ireland and looks forward to developing and delivering new digital innovations to drive the industry forward over the coming months.