Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd celebrates 45 years

26 Jun , 2024  

Reinforcing Your Future since 1979, Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd (Lydon Steel) has created an understanding of the importance of meeting the needs of its customers by offering an Express Turnaround Service at no additional cost to the project and unmatched by its competitors.

Celebrating 45 years in business, Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd prides itself on providing quality. A CARES-approved reinforcement company supplying to its valued customers a commitment to comply with industry standards and sustaining this service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Guided by the dynamic leadership of general manager Derek Mulveen, and directors Gary and Terry Lydon (who are sons of founder Dominic Lydon), the Galway-based firm has established itself as one of the longest-standing suppliers of reinforcement steel Cut & Bent throughout Ireland and the UK. Expanding the scope of the business, Lydon Steel offers high-end quality products manufactured at its production facility. 

 Reinforcement Steel Cut & Bent 

 Precision Bending & Cutting Machines, Lydon Steel has invested in creating an advanced state-of-the-art production facility in Galway, providing a guarantee and accurate service to projects with the most advanced production software, machines and skilled employees. 

• Fabric Mesh Reinforcement

 Specialising in the supply of various types and sizes of Fabric Mesh Reinforcement (from standard to non-standard), the company can boast being a leading competitor with a full range offered in Standard, Eco and Fly-Ends.

• Stainless Steel Cut & Bent

Lydon Steel knows all about the importance of good and long-lasting partnerships with its customers, as well as the need for choosing a first-class steel material. Its stainless steel partnerships with EU Mills allows Lydon Steel to recognise the importance of holding stocks to accommodate for their clients changing needs on site. 

• Reinforcement Detailing 

 Through its Galway-based Detailing partnership, Lydon Steel now offers an experienced Rebar Detailing service by calculating and ensuring the complexities around design in preparing an error-free Bar Bending Schedule, and by adapting their essential tools in keeping your project on budget and on- time.

 Prefabrication off-site

An off-site prefabrication service from its Galway facility, Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd’s sister company Lydon Steel Fixing Ltd provides highly-skilled fixers offering time-saving solutions to Pad Foundations, Beams, Walls and Slabs.

Creating a cost-effective in-house solution designed by Lydon Steel or working from pre- designed drawings, the client establishes a relationship allowing all parties to be satisfied with the complex assembly off-site in removing the responsibilities from the Project Management and site teams.   

• Smooth Dowel Bars

Round smooth Steel Bars manufactured from their Galway facility, Lydon Steel stock ranges from 12mm to 25mm diameter and cut to suit for any project with Sawn ends. With its new automatic manufacturing plant soon to be commissioned, Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd will become the largest supplier of Dowels in Ireland, supplying direct to site and to Construction Accessory companies in the North and South. 

Dowel Sleeves and Dowels Caps are an add-on product allowing site an all-package experience when procuring products.  

• Reinforcement Coupler

An effective means when lapping bars are not always appropriate, Reinforcing Bar Couplers can reduce the amount of steel required and simplify fixing on-site by coupling two reinforcing bars and forming a mechanical splice.

 TA1-A non-fatigue Couplers plus TA1-B+C Couplers are readily available from Lydon Steel’s manufacturing facility where they have the means to manufacture a CARES-approved factory prepared product that is suitable for the majority of applications. 

• Construction Accessories

Lydon Steel knows its market. The company offers a wide range of Plastic, Steel and Concrete Spacers, enhancing its add-on product lists when supplying projects. Through support from its suppliers and the experience from its sales team, Lydon Steels deliver a high level of customer engagement, offering cost-effective alternatives and solutions to customers.

“Investing in our team is a vital part of creating an engaged workforce” – Derek Mulveen (General Manager)

The company’s new strategy of introducing to employees a better ‘Work Life Balance Policy’, initiated by management and drawn-up by the employees, helps Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd bring a significant sense of purpose to all that works here.  

Since COVID-19, many companies around the globe have seen their staff turnover increase. Positive changes internally through the Life-Work Balance program allows the employees of Lydon Steel to have more of an input within the workplace and with recognition. The organisation’s strategy of holding onto a highly-trained and skilled workforce has resulted in an increase in productivity, healthier attitudes with purpose, commitment and a heightened loyalty. 

“Understanding your needs – Quality and Speed” – John Lally (Production Manager)

 John Lally returned to Dominic Lydon Ltd after working as Project Manager on sites for a large Steel Fixing Company in Ireland, Scotland and the UK. With steel in his blood and a vast knowledge of the production and processing of Reinforcement, the production manager’s role is not simply about getting the order in and delivering the order to site but knowing the complexities today in understanding every aspect of a business from planning, organising and supervising, Lydon Steel’s ability to hire and hold onto top management is the key to success.

“We Pride Ourselves in providing Quality” – Terry Lydon (Director)

 Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd is a CARES-approved company in processing and supplying Reinforcement Steel Cut & Bent and Stainless Steel Cut Bent to BS8666:2020. The world’s leading independent provider of assured certification for the construction steel industry, CARES offers Lydon Steel’s clients assurance around safety, sustainability and product quality when choosing the Galway-based company.

“Directors are not just for the boardroom” – Gary Lydon (Director)

Understanding the roles of each individual and having a team to guide the company allows Gary Lydon, director of Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd, to continue his role in transport. Delivering direct to site, he greets and meets clients keeping that personal connection between client and company that’s not found any more in a forever-changing industry.

Managing Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd since 2019, Derek Mulveen’s emphasis is on keeping the commitment made by Gary and Terry Lydon in delivering to site quality products with an express service unmatched by any of its competitors. The passion continues in this family run company instilled by its founder Dominic Lydon and now by his sons to look at what the future of the Construction Industry requires and how best the industry needs to be serviced.

As Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd continues to go from strength to strength, the company would like to take this opportunity to thank its clients and suppliers for their continued support as well as its top-class team for their hard work, dedication and expertise.

Here’s to the next 45 years!

Dominic Lydon Galway Ltd




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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, June 2024, Vol 10 No 6