Energywise Ireland to create 100 jobs with new One Stop Shop

20 Feb , 2024  

Energy solutions specialist Energywise Ireland is to create 100 jobs over the next two years following the official opening of its new offices and showroom in Hollymount Industrial Estate, Cork on September 29 last.

Tánaiste Micheál Martin cut the ribbon on the new premises and launched Energywise Ireland’s SEAI-registered One Stop Shop which offers customers a complete range of energy upgrades for their homes. Energywise Ireland designs, supplies and installs renewable solutions for domestic and commercial customers, including Solar PV, EV chargers, air-to-water heat pumps, energy management solutions and full energy upgrades.   

The company already employs 100 people at its premises in Cork and Ballyduff, Co. Kerry. The new roles will include office administrative staff as well as operatives such as engineers, carpenters, fitters, installers, plumbers, roofers and electricians, and will be located across the Munster region.

A family business, Energywise Ireland was formed in 2009 with a small team of three professionals who recognized the demand for renewable solutions. CEO Berth Sheehy, who started out as an electrical contractor in 2004, is joined by his wife Rosemarie, who is Chief Digital Officer, and Chief Operations Officer Darren Vaughan. They are supported by a top-class team who have played a key role in the company’s growth and success to date.

In 2021, Energywise Ireland purchased two buildings in Hollymount Industrial Estate to house its offices and showroom. The buildings have been renovated to the highest standards with improved insulation and window and door upgrades. The company also installed renewable heating systems, solar PV arrays, EV charging stations, and advanced automation systems. 

Speaking at the official opening, which was also attended by Lord Mayor of Cork Kieran McCarthy, President of Engineers Ireland Dr Edmond Harty, other distinguished guests and staff members, Micheál Martin commented: “It is a great privilege for me to officially open Energywise Ireland’s new offices and showroom in Cork and to launch the company’s One Stop Shop.  Ireland has set a target to improve energy efficiency by 50% by 2030 and the services provided by companies like Energywise Ireland go a long way in helping us to achieve this goal. 

“I also welcome the fact that the company is planning to create 100 skilled jobs in the Munster region and I commend the team on their commitment and dedication to helping home and business owners to lower their carbon footprint and achieve greater energy independence.”

It was a proud day for Energywise Ireland CEO Berth Sheehy who noted: “Energywise Ireland has been at the forefront of paving the way for a sustainable and renewable future, and we are delighted to be in a position to expand our offerings to customers across the Munster region. 

“The company has reached a significant milestone by becoming an SEAI-registered One Stop Shop which reaffirms Energywise Ireland’s dedication to advancing sustainable practices and elevates its role in the nation’s journey towards a greener future. 

“The new showroom serves as a dynamic hub for homeowners, providing them with an immersive experience to embark on their journey towards a renewable, efficient and comfortable future. The creation of diverse job opportunities strengthens the company’s capacity to deliver comprehensive sustainable solutions to its customers.”

Berth continued: “Our continued expansion is driven by the launch of our one-stop shop service and the surge in solar PV and EV charging initiatives, grants and the decarbonising of homes and commercial buildings. Our growth is also driven by partnerships with the likes of Flogas and Musgraves. We work with them to reduce emissions for their customers. We have great suppliers like Daikin whose products we offer to customers along with our own expertise.

“Our passion lies in preserving the environment, assisting homeowners and businesses in decarbonising, while enhancing comfort and reducing energy bills. Energywise Ireland specialises in heat pump and solar PV installations, as well as AC and large DC electric vehicle chargers, and much more. We harness excess solar electricity, redirecting it into heat pumps, hot water systems, battery storage and other solutions.

“We provide all these services under one roof. We offer energy management solutions, enabling building owners to regain control over their energy consumption. At Energywise Ireland, we guide your project from design concept to completion.

“We want to practice what we preach so we renovated our offices to the highest energy standards, undertaking insulation, window and door upgrades along with the installation of renewable heating and ventilation systems, solar PV arrays, EV charging stations, and advanced automation systems – all working in harmony to maximize energy efficiency and comfort.”

Berth is full of praise for his staff as well as his fellow directors Darren Vaughan and Rosemarie Sheehy.

“What makes Energywise great is our brilliant and diverse staff,” he enthused.

“This great team is led by Darren Vaughan. Darren has played a huge part in the growth of Energywise. While both Darren and I may be better known in Energywise circles, my wife Rosemarie has been truly remarkable, both in her professional life and in our personal journey together. Mother to our four children – Hannah, Jack, James and Sam – she is not only a brilliant software engineer, but also an extraordinary businesswoman who has brought her expertise to the company in ways that have transformed our business landscape.

“Rosemarie’s implementation of cutting-edge systems has been nothing short of groundbreaking. Through her vision and dedication, she has elevated Energywise to new heights. Her tireless commitment to innovation, her unwavering work ethic and her passion for our shared goals, have left an indelible mark on our company. I am continually inspired by her, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have her as a partner in both life and business.”

As a company which is committed to bridging the gender gap in construction, Energywise Ireland is hoping that Rosemarie’s story will encourage more women to join their team.

“I first ventured into software engineering and then on to the construction sector with Energywise. Not many women were looking for jobs in engineering or the construction sector,” she recalls.

“I want to take this opportunity to encourage more women to explore careers in this sector because there are abundant opportunities and promising career paths awaiting them. My remarkable female colleagues here at Energywise stand as shining examples of the potential and success that can be achieved.”

As Energywise Ireland prepares to celebrate 15 years in business, it would like to thank its clients and suppliers for their continued support. Here’s to the next 15 years and many more!

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, February 2024, Vol 10 No 2