Glenpatrick Sport Horses installs Brett Martin Marlon CST Heatguard at Co Antrim stables

26 Oct , 2023  

One of Ireland’s leading sport horse producers says that innovative Polycarbonate daylight roofing system installed at its Templepatrick stables is leading to significant improvements in the well-being of its horses and the operation of its business.

Glenpatrick Sport Horses, which has stables in Northern Ireland and Belgium, installed ground-breaking roofing Marlon CST materials created by Mallusk-based manufacturer Brett Martin at its local facility and says that it has already produced significant results.

As well as reducing electricity bills, the company says the product has led to horses being happier, healthier and better performing, as a result of the more natural conditions created.

The new material contains special pigments that allow much higher levels of daylight to enter the stable building whilst blocking heat build-up. This means that an entire roof can be made from the sheets, providing daylight on a scale that has never been possible before without overheating.

The product has been used extensively in the dairy sector where farmers are reporting improvements in animal health, milk yields and fertility. Such have been the results that word has spread to the equine sector where businesses are now installing it in their facilities.

Glenpatrick Sport Horses, established in 2014, specialises in the production and sale of horses competing at a high level. It produces young, healthy horses at its Northern Ireland stables which are then transported to its stables in Belgium, ready to start their international career.

Britt Megahey, owner of Glenpatrick Sport Horses Ltd said: “Our investment in Brett Martin’s Marlon CST Heatguard product in Glenpatrick Stables has without a doubt made a huge difference to our horses. We pride ourselves on producing young horses who will go on to have long and healthy careers in showjumping and horse-racing. Brett Martin have been fantastic to work with and since we installed the product, we have noticed a definite positive impact in the wellbeing of our horses and on their performance. As a business, our electricity bills are also considerably less, and we are saving a lot of money as a result. We would recommend this to anyone in the equestrian sector.”

Brett Martin manufactures polycarbonate roofing for a wide range of commercial uses and is perhaps better known for providing roofing for sports stadia such as Manchester City’s The Etihad, Manchester United’s Old Trafford and Everton’s new stadium on Merseyside. But their products have increasingly been making an impact in the agricultural and now equestrian sector where they have been described as a game-changer for many businesses.

Chris Chambers, Technical Sales Manager, Brett Martin, explains: “Animals such as cows and horses fare much better with natural daylight and in a cool environment. Traditionally, farm and equestrian building design has limited the amount of natural daylight entering through the roof because of issues with excessive heat gain which raises the temperature inside the building.

Research undertaken with Dr Tom Chamberlain, a leading UK Vet specializing in heat stress in cattle has shown that sheds roofed in Marlon CST can dramatically improve the lux levels without any increase in temperatures compared to those using traditional materials. The same can be applied to the equestrian world as horses are more likely to be healthier, happier and as a result perform better with a brighter more natural environment.”

With climate change leading to periods of higher temperatures this means that animals can be brought inside to avoid the extremes of direct sunlight but still enjoy the natural daylight provided by this roofing material.

“In addition, those working within the buildings also benefit from the additional daylight and the enhanced visibility of the animals in their care. there are also pluses from an environmental and economic perspective. Many equestrian and agricultural buildings rely on artificial lighting, even during daytime. Using Marlon CST roofing means the need for lights is removed completely during daytime and therefore represents a significant financial saving along with an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions,” he adds.

Employing over 1,000 people in total and with sales of £220million, Brett Martin is one of Europe’s largest plastic sheet producers.