MCG Construction Group always go that extra mile

3 Jun , 2022  

Delivering bespoke, responsive, value-added solutions that invariable go above and beyond – with an emphasis on precision, punctuality and professionalism – MCG Construction Group has distinguished themselves with a stellar reputation as one of Waterford’s premier building contractors. We interrupted hands-on directors Jeannie and James Morrissey’s busy schedule to get an insight into this exceptional industry-leading, customer-focussed operation.

Imbued with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for building, MCG Construction Group stands apart as a contractor of choice, striving beyond the ordinary not only delivering excellent workmanship on time and within budget but also bringing a personal touch and innate design flair to every project, providing the highest class of quality & services.

At the forefront of this outstanding family-run business stands the dedicated, driven husband-and-wife team of James and Jeannie Morrissey, who pride themselves on consistently meeting, nay exceeding client expectations with the knowledge and experience they have to guide you through building your home.

“This is more of a passion to us than a job – we really do enjoy our work and we like to think that shines through in the final results,” James confirms. “We’ve never had to advertise or to go out looking for work and we haven’t been idle a single day since we started the business. We prioritise the client at all stages of the process and focus on completing every project professionally, safely and within budget.”

Jeannie continues: “We listen very closely to our clients harnessing their vision and desires regardless of their building requirements or budget they can expect the highest quality, I think it’s fair to say we both live and breathe building. We know what’s going on in the industry from the latest technologies, building materials and designs, we’re extremely interested in NZEB and all new advancements.

“We’re passionate about learning how things work and increasing our knowledge as we work by the rule that the last job you complete is the one you are remembered for. So your standards must be consistently high. I’m not sure how it has happened but we have hit upon a winning formula – I can honestly say that there has never been a bad word said between us and any of our clients, workers or subbies and that is how we intend to keep it.

“We realise it’s one of the biggest investments that client is going to make. We’re there to help – to keep it real and eliminate unnecessarily stress.”

Indeed, this is where Jeannie’s background as an interior designer really comes to the fore. Her flair for design and appreciation of how a living space should flow offers clients an additional service that few other main contractors can match. “We’re very honest with people and we are happy to share our expertise,” she states.

With quality and service as prerequisites, MCG Construction Group’s team of fully-certified professionals have the experience, skills and motivation to deliver a vast range of building services, including residential and commercial new builds, refurbishments, extensions or building maintenance, with no job ever considered too large, too small or too complex.

“Looking ahead to the coming year, we have a nice mix of work in front of us. We have some new builds coming up and we’re also going to be looking at developing older houses as there is a market for that here in Waterford.”

Due largely to their wealth of experience and sterling application, MCG benefit from a steady volume of repeat work from satisfied clients as well as positive referrals through word of mouth.

Jeannie holds diplomas in both Interior Design and Building & Construction. She is also fully-qualified in NZEB / passive homes and is a Manual Handling instructor, with all Health & Safety management and compliance overseen in-house.

“Energy efficiency is a huge consideration now and we can give clients the right information on what is going to work best. Everything is addressed before we go on site so that there are no stops and no hold-ups once the work starts.

“We will provide a realistic programme and try to get out quicker if at all possible. We don’t make promises that are unrealistic.

“The pleasure and joy you get from taking on a bespoke house with a design from a sought-after architect you embrace the challenge and rise to it. It comes down to how interested you are in your work and how much you enjoy it. If you really enjoy it, then you don’t mind turning up on site. In our case, we can’t wait to get there.”

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, May 2022, Vol 8 No 5