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26 Apr , 2019  

O’Brien Roofing and Cladding Ltd are registered roofing contractors which have been servicing their customers for the best part of four decades in Dublin and all across Ireland. Building Ireland learned more from the company’s Managing Director, Sammy O’Brien.

To this day, O’Brien Roofing and Cladding Ltd still boast some of the best roofers in Dublin which bring extensive experience and can offer clients advice on all aspects of roofing and roofing materials.

The family business is one that has earned itself a glowing reputation over the past 40 years for its projects (both residential and commercial), and its current Managing Director Sammy O’Brien has ensured that the standards have continued to rise since taking over from his father almost quarter of a century ago.

In what are very busy times for the company, Sammy himself was good enough to take some time and explain to Building Ireland about the ins and outs of the business while also filling us in on some of the projects they’re working on at the moment in and around the capital.

“I took over the business in 1994, so I’d say we’re going 40 years in total,” Sammy outlined.

“We’d have between 15 and 20 staff here and my kids Amy and Daniel are both involved. My brothers Stephen, Eddie, Paul and John all work here as we.

“Basically, we specialise in most types of roofing and we also have a division in natural sale and roof tiling. We’d do a bit of copper and lead work too.”

O’Brien Roofing and Cladding Ltd offer all domestic roofing and commercial roofing jobs, including insurance work, grant work, roof repairs, gutters, fascia, downpipes etc.

The company are approved by the council for grant work and are also an accredited member of the CIF.

Indeed they’ve come a long way from their origins down in Ballymount, Dublin 12, which Sammy explained a little bit about…

“My father would have started out as a roofer for a company and eventually he took the decision to go out on his own and start up his own roofing company,” he stated.

“He built the company from the ground up and it earned great reputation over the years. He retired back in 1994 and that’s when I took over.

“I always had a love for it (roofing) and my preference is to be on site, but I do get forced into the office at times. I love being on the tools though.”

It’s no stretch to say that is a trade which Sammy and his brothers were essentially born into and, having learned from the best, they’ve grown the business to the point where it has become known as one of the top roofing contractors that Dublin has to offer.

O’Brien Roofing and Cladding Ltd has a reputation as an honest, straightforward company and when it comes to roofing they offer the works; including free roofing surveys, free roof repairs quotes, roofing contractor guarantees, fully insured roofers and C2 registered roofers.

For Sammy, the ingredients of the company’s success have always been down to the quality of the service it provides its clients.

“The service we give is very, very good and the quality of it stands out as well,” said the MD.

“We were sub-contractors that picked up substantially in size. We’ve had jobs at 27,000 square metres for the likes of IBM. We’ve a very, very good name for standards.”

That name has carried through over the last four decades and its well-known that that the company have always been devoted to a high standard of safety.

The safety of O’Brien Roofing and Cladding Ltd’s roof workers has always been of the utmost concern for the men in charge of the company.

With all of their staff and clients in mind, each project undertaken by the business has a Safety & Method Statement on File.

All of the company’s employees work in a clean, friendly and safe environment and are trained to the highest standards. They all hold safe passes, skills cards, manually handling certificates etc.

The company is also fully insured for over €6m and are C2 registered, with all their projects supervised personally by experienced foremen.

Taking all that into account, it’s little wonder why the business has been flourishing as of late.

“It (business) has been good. We’d bad debts owed to us when the downturn hit but we got through it,” Sammy revealed.

“We got a few schools off the department and it tied us over during the recession times. We’ve regular clients all the time and we’re very busy with work at the minute.

“We’ve a project on the Educate Together school on the Malahide Road and then we’re doing some flat roof tiling for a couple of houses. We’ve a job in Paddington Road for Ganson Building & Civil Engineering and then work on offices on St Stephen’s Green for Purcell Construction.”

There’s more work on the agenda for the O’Briens too and the plan is to see it through with excellence into next year and keep clients satisfied.

So if you’re looking for a company which is committed to providing you with the best roofing and cladding services on the market, as well as excellent support, look no further than O’Brien Roofing and Cladding Ltd.

O’Brien Roofing & Cladding Ltd

Unit 64, Western Parkway Business Park


Dublin 12

Tel: 01 419 9606

Fax: 01 419 9607

Email: [email protected]

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, December 2018, Vol 4 No 11