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26 Apr , 2021  

Established in 2007, David O’Mahoney Electrical Services Ltd has grown to offer its clients an excellent commercial and residential service nationwide. Building Ireland caught up with its Managing Director David O’Mahoney and General Manager Noel Walsh recently to learn more about what is a thriving business.

Business is good at the moment at David O’Mahoney Electrical Services Ltd and the plan is to keep things that way right through to 2021, according to the man himself.

Based in Thurles, Co Tipperary, the company services the commercial, residential, agri and industrial sectors nationwide, specialising in new builds, industrial rewires, CCTV, Fire Alarms, automated gates and Electrical Testing & Commissioning.

The business currently operates with 30 staff from its base in the Premier County, including its General Manager Noel Walsh who has been on board the company for an even dozen years now.

Noel was good enough to take some time from a busy schedule as of late to fill Building Ireland in on the details behind David O’Mahoney Electrical Services Ltd.

“The company was established by David O’Mahoney in 2007 and I suppose you could say we have been growing every year here since,” Noel outlined. “Having strong support and partnerships with local building contractors such as Cooldine Construction, JJ O’Sullivan, BCD Energy Consultants, MMT, Daniel Cleary and KCKC Construction, has allowed us to keep our roots grounded locally while partnerships with Premier Engineering has enabled us to broaden our reach beyond Tipperary.

“We cover a very wide variety of services for our clients and have been focused a lot lately on Electrical wiring of new builds and upgrading of emergency lighting and fire alarm systems in schools.”

Indeed the company has come a long way from humble beginnings to the point where it’s at now, employing 30 full-time staff.

For David O’Mahoney, things were slow to start back in 2007 and where they are today is a far cry from where they were then.

“I started out working in and around Tipperary and served my time with Gerard Slattery,” David explained.

“I suppose myself and Noel sort of came together through work 13 years ago and saw the opportunity for this company.

“At that time, it was slow getting off the ground but we got through it eventually. A lot of local work carried us through and our reputation just grew from there.”

2007 was undoubtedly a challenging time for most businesses in this country and many were reminded of them again this past March.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the government to shut down construction companies nationwide for six weeks and David O’Mahoney Electrical Services was certainly one to feel the effects.

Back up and running again since May 18th, the company has been gradually getting back to where it was with housing work in and around Co Tipperary.

“It (business) was definitely slow to take off again after the lockdown but we can see it starting to pick up again now,” said David.

“It’s certainly starting to pick up and we have 60 houses at the minute that we’re working on, with 19 of those being for Premier Engineering Ltd in Thurles.

“We’re also working on a school in Nenagh with BCD Energy Consultants, carrying out the fire alarm and CCTV work on it.”

Noel himself has specialised in alarms and CCTV installation since before the company was started and has continued to be the key man in that department for David O’Mahoney Electrical Services.

David oversees general operations and together they’ve managed to grow a thriving business which now employs 30 full-time staff and has 11 vehicles on the road.

So what has been the secret to success?

How has an electrical contracting firm born at the very start of a harsh recession managed to come out the other side to a point now where business is arguably as strong as it has ever been?

“I would think that our growth and success so far has largely been down to the punctuality of our service,” Noel stated plainly.

“We have a crew of lads working here that can clear a job quickly and efficiently. I’ll tell you that tends to go a long way in this line of work.”

For David, the range of services the company has on offer for its clients is also a key element to its success.

“By having a strong team behind us with the likes of Ian Kenrick and Martin Fanning, who are the Foremen who manage and oversee our larger scale projects, from start to finish.

“We go into a job willing to offer the whole package to the client,” said the MD.

“At least then they know that they’re not dealing with three or four different contractors when they’re trying to get the job done.

“It’s all the services combined and I think that’s why our clients tend to choose us – that and the quality that we carry out the services with.”

As for what the months ahead hold for David O’Mahoney Electrical Services Ltd, the man himself sees the immediate future as being bright.

 “We’ve just signed off on 19 more houses in Tallaght with Premier Engineering and 10 houses on our home turf in Templetuohy with Davis Construction that will keep us busy for another while,” David beamed.

“Despite everything that’s gone on, this year has still been pretty good. I actually think things will get a lot busier over the next couple of months but it’s hard to know what next year will bring.

“All we can do is continue doing what we have been doing here for the last 13 years and hopefully we can keep earning more projects down the line.”

Here’s hoping.

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, January 2021, Vol 7 No 1