Make It Visible across the water

27 Apr , 2023  

Following on from a hugely successful tour last year, the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity’s ‘Make It Visible’ tour has traveled across the water again for another wellbeing tour in Ireland. Last October the team visited 12 sites and met with 850 boots on the ground workforce. The demand was so high that the charity had […]


Free E-learning programme launched by the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity 

17 Feb , 2023  

The charity’s Wellbeing Academy already offers online tutor led masterclasses, seminars and onsite training, and this latest addition is aimed at equipping workers with the soft skills they need to navigate today’s challenges and uncertain times.  The free self paced e-learning modules form the foundations of the Wellbeing Academy and courses include; Bang on Budget, Banter […]


Introduction of FREE 24/7 employee assistance programme and wellbeing app for all construction workers in Ireland

3 Jun , 2020  

The global pandemic is having a negative impact on people’s mental health in society; those in the construction industry who have faced a long lay-off are no exception.  To help construction workers to cope with these issues, the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is launching a free and confidential 24/7 helpline and wellbeing app on 3rd June […]