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28 Aug , 2015  

A host of valued customers have benefitted from the ABBD treatment over the past 31 years. The Offaly-based company delivers extremely high levels of customer service to complete an all encompassing package.

Aidan Bracken Building Design, supplying services in Ireland and the UK, was established in 1984 with the philosophy of providing the highest standard of service to their clients and that core ideal stands with the firm today.

They specialise in building and design services including Civil Engineering, Building Design & Planning Advisors, Land & Property Surveyors, Building Consultants, Project Management, Environmental Engineering and Mobile Mapping.

“We pride ourselves on providing a personal and dedicated service to our clients,” company founder Aidan Bracken, who is joined in the running of the company by his second eldest son Kevin, explained.

“We also pride ourselves on seeing projects through, if people are having problems with planning, we don’t give up, we’re very tenacious in that regard. Our services are underpinned by years of experience and an extensive knowledge base. We’ve been involved in a lot of projects over the years which we are very proud of.”

He continued: “We are no different from anyone else in the building industry in that it has been tough going in recent years but there are signs of improvement. Luckily for us we started doing a lot of work in the nursing home sector 20 years ago and thankfully we have a lot of work on in that area and a lot of repeat business. Since 1996, we’ve been one of the leading design consultancies in the nursing home sector where we have acquired specialised and detailed knowledge.

“We’re also currently involved in the UK, we’re working on the design and construction of student accommodation in Burnley, north of Manchester, a 95 bed, five storey project, and we’re doing our fair share of one off bespoke housing and housing developments.

“There’s definitely a marked optimism within the industry, especially in the area of one off housing. A lot of people have been successful in applying for planning permission while housing schemes are starting to develop in Dublin and Cork.

“Recently introduced regulations relating to mortgage applications have not helped the situation but there has been marked growth.”

Aidan and his team realise that every project presents a unique set of variable concerns which require complete definition, comprehension, and analysis before solutions can be considered.

At ABBD, they don’t just hear, they listen to their clients in order to fully understand the brief. They do not have a one-size-fits-all perspective and the firm consistently seeks new and challenging projects that foster strategic design solutions.

Their experienced team handle a variety of project types including residential and commercial work and are involved from the design stage through construction and completion. The Civil Engineering staff work closely with the Architectural Design team to enable efficient and effective services and structural design for all projects.

Architectural design is the corner stone of the business. Their vast experience allows them to offer their clients an excellent service in this area. An in-depth knowledge of the planning system enables them to provide expert advice and guidance to their clients ensuring the best possible results.

At ABBD their skilled and experienced engineers and surveyors use state of the art equipment which allows them to provide accurate land and property surveys. It is essential that all preliminary information such as site and building surveys take account of all relevant details to enable the right decisions to be made.

As with all projects it is essential to maintain effective communication and contact throughout the construction process. It is imperative that cohesive thinking and a practical approach are taken on site. It is for this reason that the ABBD team offer a hands on supervision approach to all their projects.

ABBD have extensive experience in the delivery of all aspects of construction projects ranging from the conceptual pre-planning stage through the planning and detailed design stage to the construction completion and handover stages.

As Employer’s Representative and Lead Consultant on a project, ABBD will be the sole point of contact for the client and will take responsibility for the delivery of the project from initial commencement to handover taking account of the requirements of budget, quality and programme.

They will perform all the necessary design services and augment them as necessary using external industry specialists when required.

In addition, they will manage the tender procurement stage and the contractor appointments and will provide the client with all relevant advice and guidance in respect of the client’s statutory duties under Health & Safety Legislation.

As client’s Representative, ABBD will represent the interests of the client when both the design services and construction services are provided by independent third parties, and will ensure that the client’s interests are properly represented.

The scope of these project management services can extend beyond the planning, design and construction stages and can incorporate any necessary interfacing that may be required with commercial, legal, financial or statutory parties.

ABBD have provided project management services, both on a full-time and part-time basis for a range of different types and scales of projects, ranging from conservation and restoration projects to civil engineering and building projects.

In certain circumstances, the company has been the only professional services provider involved, performing the full range of design, project management and health and safety services.

In other cases, the company has led the design and construction teams to bring projects in on time and on budget using innovative management styles adapted to the particular project requirements.

Whatever the scale or complexity of the project, the required services can be specifically tailored to suit the needs of the client.

ABBD is a dynamic knowledge based consultancy with the skills and considerable expertise required to perform a broad range of environmental and related services.

Their objective is to always provide value to their clients through obtaining maximum potential for their assets, managing risk and providing sustainable solutions. ABBD will provide assistance and advice on specific issues or on a broad range of environmental services, depending on the needs of the client for the particular project.

They can perform services in respect of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Waste Management, Hydrogeology and Groundwater, Stage 3 Flood Risk Assessments and Flood Alleviation Works.

Co. Offaly
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UK Office: +44 7518957060
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Website: www.abbd.ie

Taken from Building Ireland magazine Vol 1 No 1, Autumn 2015